Saturday, July 6, 2013

My new Fave cake!

I Love creating cakes - I really do!  Every one is a new challenge and I learn someting from each and every one.  Some cakes "click" I get crazy inspired and can't stop once I get started, while others just sortof come together as planned.

A few weeks ago, I started planning a Monster cake for a little guys 2nd birthday.  His Mom is one of my fave cake customers ever!  Between the two of us (me mostly) we decided on a monster theme - she gave me the color choices and my frosting-Ninja brain started spinning...and spinning...and spinning!!!

Lately, I've been trying to be a little more "grown up' about my cakes.  I tend to have a hard time restraining myself once I get going on a cake and need to be better at planning and stopping when it's time to stop.  So - for this big guy, I started with a sketch. 
I wasn't entirely sure how I would do the arms, but I knew he needed to be tubby and low and squatty with 3 horns and hairy shoulders, wings and a tail.
When I stacked the cake for him, he was super tall and I knew he needed support so I pushed in 3 solid dowels to help hold him up and keep bad things from happening...and then it was time to to turn him into a Monster. :)

I made his tail out of rice krispies adn marshmallow...but he still didn't look like a Monster.
Then I gave him a bottom lip and a belly and a tooth.  A little more like a Monster, but still...not a Monster.

When I added his horn, teeth and fur and was getting more  and more excited about him.  When I added the eyes, though, I seriously laughed out loud!  I was completely in Love with him and knew I was exactly on track. :)

Spikes on his tail, ears, horns and teh rest of his fur.  A few more details and then...he was done! :)

I couldn't stop smiling!  Seriously - How stinkin cute is he?!!! :)

I Love his little wings!!
And his littel face!  Hello! :)

 Overall, I think he's close enough to the sketch that I can say I followed it. :)  I'm super crazy excited about him (and the "peace sign" is actuall a "2", cuz the Birthday Boy is 2! :) )


Auntie Em said...

Hollee, your cakes just keep getting better and better. This little monster is just amazing. Love his teeth and wings and the two fingers are the cutest touch.
Love seeing your work! :)

Sabrina said...

Awe! I love that I'm a fave cake customer ;) Totally love your creative-ness with cakes! This turned out better than I could have thought and he tasted sooooo good! (Like beyond delicious good..that's hard to beat!) Really hated to cut him!