Friday, September 21, 2012

Weddings and Smash cakes and Bees - OH MY!

This weekend I have another cake-athon to complete and for whatever reason, I’m not even a little be stressed out over it!  My to-do list consists of a wedding cake for the BEST BRIDE EVER!!! The cutest skull and crossbones smash cake for my friend Pam from October Afternoon Photography and a Bumble Bee cake for my dentist. :D WOOT!

First – the wedding cake. The cake she chose was one like the cake fall cake I did back in 2009. To this day, it’s still one of my faves. Anyway – it’s only for about 65 people but she has been a blast to work with!  My only concern is the weather. :S I just checked the forcast and tomorrow they’re calling for rain-rain-rain!  The fondant gods do not smile upon me when there is humidity.  I’ll make it tonight, though, so that I can be sure that I’m ready.  For the original one, the bride provided the flowers and the florist made the topper. For this one, though, I get to try my hand at it.  I did the arrangements on the last one but making the topper should be lots of fun.  I’ll be sure to take lots of pics along the way.

The 2nd cake is a smash cake. I am soooo stinking excited about this little cake – you have no idea!! My Plan is to have a skull and crossbones on the top, crossbones with little hearts all around the sides and at the base (you’ll love this) a black band of frosting (to look like a leather collar) with little spikes going all around!!! I KNOW!!! I can’t even stand it I’m so excited!!  The challenge with this one is that it’s for a little person so fondant is not an option. I’m going to have to dig out my creative frosting brain and find a fun way to make the sticky-outy’s and the fiddly bits out of butter-cream. (Insert huge squeal of delight here.) The inside of this little gem is lime green and the frosting will be light pink, bright pink and very dark purple (cuz black frosting will look all muddy when kiddo smashes it.) Again – I’ll absolutely post pics as I go. 

Cake #3 is a Bumblebee cake. God love her – she only called me Tuesday (I think) to ask if I could have a cake for Sunday. Normally, this would be short notice but since she’s the same person that helps my dentist drill into my head – I didn’t want to disappoint her.  Plus – I haven’t done a bee cake in ages so I’m looking forward to trying something a little different this time around.  The last one had paper wings…I plan to use fondant this time. Also – there was frosting grass at the base…I want to make big fondant petals so that it looks like she’s on a flower. I also want to use my grass tip so that she looks furry and find a fun way to make the eyes.  Just like last time, though, I’m most excited about the little stinger. ;) This one is for Sunday.

If everything goes as planned, tonight I’ll bake the wedding cake. While that’s in the oven, I’ll make my fondant and frosting and get my piping bags ready and finish the 2 smaller cakes and frost the wedding cake. That way – tomorrow morning- all I have to think about is putting the fondant on, stacking and flowers. The road to hell is paved with good intention…let’s see how I do. 

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