Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm a bad blogger!!  I can't believe a month has passed since my last post! are my updates...
  • Satellite dog is doing much better and is no longer wearing the cone - pfeuf cuz it was reeeely annoying!  And yay!  She's de-activated so no possible drooly puppies!!
  • Matt the cat is now known as Ninja cat...and a dust mop.  Kiddo gets mad when I call him 'Ninja-cat' but it's what he is!  He's a total ankle ninja!  But he LOVES Daisy!  They get along very well and Daisy pushes him around the living room while he sleeps on the hardwood he gets up and is pretty dirty on one side :)  It's fun to watch!
  • I got a jump on my Christmas cards and have already made 60!  Wheee!
  • I made an NHL cake and it turned out pretty great! :)

  • Hmmm...what else??  Oh - girls started school and they are both loving it!!
  • Back to violin lessons too, but youngest kiddo has also joined Judo.  should be fun!
  • Oldest kiddo is still adjusting to being big kid on campus in middle school...I think she's too worried about being the little kid next year to enjoy being the big kid this year. :(
  • Youngest kiddo painted teh front deck all by herself!!  Imagine! 8 years old and she painted the deck!
  • All the new goldfish are dead - I know!  I was shocked too!  (not really)
  • I've decided to take up spinning and have 3 huge bags of raw wool to work with...I'll post more on that later.
  • I have to do a smuf cake for next weekend - yay!
  • my hand hurts
  • And...I have another 100 cards ready to assemble! 
Ok - that's it for now...pinky swear I won't wait another month before posting again. :)

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